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Consultant - Communicator

The Reverend Markel Hutchins is an extraordinary communicator, an accomplished consultant and one of our nation’s best orators.  His oratorical and analytical abilities are rare. As a public speaker, Hutchins has inspired crowds the world-over while addressing an array of topics ranging from corporate diversity to the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.


An advisor to corporations, labor unions, small businesses and religious institutions, Rev. Hutchins serves as Managing Principal and CEO of MRH-LLC, a management and communications consulting firm focused on matters of diversity, public affairs and crisis management. Rev. Hutchins and his team of experts at MRH-LLC focus their work in seven (7) specific areas: Community Relations, Crisis Communications, Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution, Diversity Management and Messaging, Population Segment Marketing, Strategic Positioning and Urban Public Affairs.


MRH-LLC has a proven record of success working to address the complexity of business-focused quality of life issues of communities of every scope, size and socio-economic background. It’s consultancy anchors on enhancing access and perspective, forging beneficial working relationships, creating partnerships and alliances, emerging funding and economic development opportunities, and enhancing existing internal and external resources. The firm’s crisis communications strategy typically includes a multi-tiered approach to the bring the specific crisis under control and address scrutiny by activating the professional relationships, media skills and public credibility of all stakeholders to influence public opinion, persuade policy makers and sway other appropriate prospects.


MRH-LLC’s specialized diversity practice prepares private corporations, nonprofits, governments, and individuals to master the issues, problems and concerns of urban, metropolitan communities - i.e. economic development, human relations, civil and human rights, social planning, law enforcement and violence, etc. The firm equips senior management, public relations, marketing, legal and government affairs executives to appropriately communicate with content, image, cultural correctness and marketing tactics that target the specific audience (urban, ethic, civic, religious, etc.) to be reached and provide those leaders with mechanisms to measure the responses and outcomes sought.


MRH-LLC is proud to be at the top of a very small list of experts specialized in the provision of crisis management techniques specifically regarding civil and human rights matters, social advocacy and business challenges concerning diverse communities. MRH-LLC has been an integral part of helping to advocate, mitigate and manage the internal and external organizational elements of dozens of high profile, and potentially high profile, crises. From major airlines to large labor unions, MRH-LLC has intervened on behalf of clients during times of crisis to ensure that the impact of the negative quandary is minimized and our client’s interests are protected.


To book Rev. Markel Hutchins to address your gathering please write to inquiry about the consultancy of MRH-LLC write to

Civil & Human Rights Leader, Social & Political Activist, Orator, Baptist Minister and Change Agent
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